about write & fly

This is no time for ease and comfort, it is time to dare and endure.

Winston Churchill once said. And daring is certainly something that’s on our list for the upcoming year.

We are two girls with one plan: to see the world. From September ’17 on we will go on a somewhat unplanned and approximately 12 months’ lasting adventure. Our motto for this time: without a route around the world. Because life is short and the world is big, we want to backpack through various countries and continents, including Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, South-, Middle- and North America. However, there is no definite route set, because we believe that a true adventure needs to consist out of a hint of uncertainty to get the right amount of spice.

Why backpacking? Because we think that backpacking is a great way to meet local and international people and get to know the world from a very close angle. And of course because it’s still the cheapest way to travel.

On this blog we want to share our experiences, successes and failures with you. Travelling the world on a budget – we will try it out and share our tipps and stories here with you.

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